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The Walking Dead Bloopers

In conjunction with the new episodes premiere of The Walking Dead Season 3 in my country (of which at the time of my writing, 7 hours to go), I present some of the bloopers of the hit TV show. I scoured the internet for resources and compile it here. Credits goes to the people who made the Youtube videos/findings.

#1: Ghostly apparition (I knew this show is not about zombies only!).

#2: Season 1 Episode 1 ‘Days Gone By’. Dudes with high technical knowledge of Glock would spot this. It’s just a factual error so don’t go gaga on this ;-).

#3: Season 1: The tank Rick crawls into in Atlanta has US markings but is a British Chieftain. The US Army only uses M1A1 Abrams and M60 tanks. Factual error. http://www.moviemistakes.com/tv8657

#4: Season 1: The grenade Rick finds in the tank has an unpainted body and a blue safety lever. It’s a dummy training grenade. Factual error.

#5: Season 2 Episode 5 ‘Chupacabra': During the scene when Daryl is talking to Merle, watch the dirt and sand around Daryl’s mouth appear and disappear during the talk while he is on his back. Continuity issue.

#6: Season 2 Episode 7 ‘Pretty Much Dead Already': at the end where Rick shoots the walker Sophia, she falls to her right. In the next episode ‘Nebraska’ picking up immediately after the last, she is in entirely different position, as if she fell forward.

#7: See below picture.

Walking dead blooper

You’ll notice as you go along, there’s not much stupid things to be found on a really good show like Walking Dead apart from those really tiny, minuscule technical error. Bear in mind that these mistakes/bloopers/errors were found by other people, not by me. It’s really hard for me to spot errors when I’m watching a show I love, and I do that to the person I love as well. Anyway, it’s kinda good fun to take notice of the facts that as human, we do make mistakes sometimes and that we are not perfect.

Finally, I leave you with this zombie-shooting scenes from The Walking Dead earlier seasons as an appetiser to whet your insatiable propensity for zombie annihilation!

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